Dioctyl succinate/Bis(2-ethylhexyl)succinate

CAS number
EINECS number 220-836-1
Molecule structure

Features and applications
OXBLUE DOSX is a bio-based plasticizer with outstanding performances for low temperature uses and applications in an oily environment. OXBLUE DOSX is a sustainable solution which enables producers to economically manufacture products with no compromise on performance. Suggested applications include flooring, food cling wraps and adhesives & sealants.

Physical and chemical properties
Formular C20H38O4
Molecular Weight 342.51 g / mol
Boiling Range (°C @5,3 hPa) 206 - 208
Density (g/cm3, 20°C) 0.933
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.445
Viscosity (mPa*s, 20°C) 12.4
Property Limit Unit Test Method PQR
Appearance Clear to light
yellow liquid
  Visual Examination  
Ester Content min. 99.5 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
Acid Value max. 0.07 mg KOH / g ASTM D 974 (mod.) x
Water max. 0.05 mg KOH / g ASTM E 1064 x
Saponification Value 322 – 328   Calculated from GC x
Platinum / Cobalt Color (Hazen / APHA Color) max. 20   ASTM D 5386 x
*Preliminary test results only. Data are subject to change without notice.