A defined mix of plasticizers

Application suggestion
OXSOFT DUO 2 features a further improved migration profile compared to OXSOFT DUO 1, but still the product is easy to process. The extraction resistance and fogging values are excellent. OXSOFT DUO 2 is recommended in applications where migration is a concern but where high viscosity products like OXSOFT TOTM (with an even better migration profile) are causing process issues.

Physical and chemical properties
Appearance Clear liquid
Saponification Value 294 – 314 mg KOH / g
Density (g/cm3, 20°C) 0.99
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.48
Viscosity (mm²/s, 20°C) 150
Property Limit Unit Test Method PQR
Appearance Clear Liquid   Visual Examination  
Ester Content min. 97 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography  
Acid Value max. 0.1 mg KOH / g DIN EN ISO 2114 · ASTM D 1613  
Water max. 0.1 % (w / w) DIN 51777 Tl 1  
Hazen / APHA Colour max. 30   DIN EN ISO 6271 · ASTM D 5368