Trioctyl trimellitate/Tris(2-ethylhexyl)trimellitate

CAS number
EINECS number 222-020-0
Molecule structure

Application suggestion
OXSOFT TOTM is a permanent, non-migrating plasticizer with excellent elevated temperature properties. In every application where migration is a concern OXSOFT TOTM can limit these concerns due to its permanent character. Suggested and existing applications are medical, cable and wire. In automotive and in-house applications OXSOFT TOTM is highly recommended due to outstanding fogging and non-VOC properties.

OXSOFT TOTM ST is stabilized with Lowinox CA22, a high performance specialty antioxidant. The stabilized variant addresses specific performance requirements in application areas where extreme low volatility is required. With the addition of the stabilizer, OXSOFT TOTM ST provides even more robust extraction resistance, sustains color quality throughout a longer lifecycle, and provides additional thermal stability during the manufacturing process. The suggested application areas for OXSOFT TOTM ST are cables, wires and coated fabrics manufacturing.

Physical and chemical properties
Formula C33H54O6
Molecular Weight 546.8 g / mol
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Boiling Point (°C) 355
Density (g/cm3, 20°C) 0.9885
Odor weak
Water Solubility (g / l, 25°C) < 0.01
Vapor Pressure (hPa, 20°C) < 0.001
Viscosity (mm²/s, 20°C) 312.64
Property Limit Unit Test Method PQR
Appearance Light Yellow Liquid   Visual Examination  
Ester Content min. 99.0 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
OXSOFT TOTM min. 96.0 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
GPO max. 1.0 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
DOP max. 0.099 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
Rest Alcohol max. 0.1 % (w / w) Gas Chromatography x
Water max. 0.1 % (w / w) ASTM D 1364/ASTM E 203 x
Acid Value max. 0.1 mg KOH / g ASTM D 974 x
Saponification Value 300 – 320 mg KOH / g Calculated from GC  
Platinum / Cobalt Color (Hazen / APHA Color) max. 30   ASTM D 5386 x
Cr, Ba, Pb, Cu, Sn each < 1 mg / kg ASTM D 5185  
Cd < 0.6 mg / kg ASTM D 5185  
Density (25°C) 0.986 – 0.990 g / cm3 ASTM D 4052 x
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.4850 – 1.4870   ASTM D 1045 x